2007 Subaru WRX TR

2007 Subaru WRX TR

Owner(s): Scott Mowrey

City / State: West Des Moines, IA



Engine Details: 2.5L 4 cylinder (EJ25), Forged pistons and rods, Blouch 3.0xtr Turbo

Fuel Injection/Carburetor: Walbro 450 hardwire fuel pump, 1400cc 5-0 injectors


Exhaust / Mufflers: Megan racing down pipe, full exhaust

Transmission: 6 speed swap

Rear-end / Ratio:

Front Suspension: Tein lowering springs

Front Brakes: Brembo

Rear Suspension: Tein lowering springs

Rear Brakes: Brembo

Wheels: Rota G Force

Body Modifications:

Hood: Seibon Carbon Fiber cw style hood

Paint Type / Color: Pearl White


Interior Goodies:

Custom Pieces:


Cool Story: Everyone wants to race me off the line at red lights, even moms in mini vans. I think it’s the spoiler.