2002 GMC Sonoma Race Truck

2002 GMC Sonoma Race Truck

Owner(s): Brad Roorda / Matt Vos

City / State: Pella, Iowa

Club: High Desert Racers

Builder: Brad Roorda / Matt Vos

Engine details: 6.0L, 2005

Fuel Injection: Holley fuel injection

Headers: Yes

Exhaust / mufflers: Twin Turbos

Transmission: Doug Nash 4 + 1

Rear-end / ratio: 3.08

Front suspension:

Front Brakes:

Rear suspension:

Rear brakes:


Body modifications:


Paint type / color:


Interior goodies:

Custom pieces:


Cool story:

Matt Vos and Brad Roorda are life long friends and are both from Pella, IA. They started LSR (Land Speed Racing ) in 2013 with the help of car builder C Calvin Smith from Glasgow, KY under team name Pigasus/RVS racing. The car they raced was a long narrow open wheeled car with the engine placed in front of the driver. The car was unique in the fact it could be ran as a modified roadster or competition coupe by simply changing out the fiberglass body around the driver’s compartment.

In 2013 at the SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) Bonneville Speedweek event was the first time we raced the car. We went back in 2016 and had a top speed of 186 mph. Brad and Matt both drove the car earning us each of us a B license. Which means we can legally drive over 200 mph on the salt flats. It’s also been ran at ECTA (East Coast Timing Association) standing mile events in Wilmington OH and Blytheville AR where they set multiple records. Matt was the first person to go over 200 mph at the inaugural event at Blytheville putting him the ECTA 200 mph for life. Brad also got in the ECTA 200 mph club in Blytheville in the fall of 2019.

In 2021 Brad and Matt decided there was an opportunity for Bonneville and El Mirage records in the modified mini truck class and therefore starting Blue Mule Racing. The truck is a 2002 GMC Sonoma crew cab. It currently has a twin turbocharged 6.0 LS from Blueprint Engines mated to a Doug Nash 4+1 five speed transmission. In 2021 at the USFRA (Utah Salt Flat Racing Association) event Brad set a record of 187.5 mph in a naturally aspirated configuration on fuel. The plan in 2022 is to return to the USFRA event in September and run in the blown gas and fuel classes.

The truck can also be set up for road racing and has raced at the SORC (Sandhills Open Road Challenge) in 2021. We will be back at the event again in 2022.

We are also members of the High Desert Racers out of Southern California allowing us to race the El Mirage dry lakes.

Future plans include other road race events around the Midwest and ultimately Silver State in Nevada. LSR events such as Loring, ME, El Mirage, CA and Bonneville, UT where we have aspirations of setting more records.

Brad works at Vermeer Corporation in Pella, IA as a Test application Engineer. He tests prototype machines to improve them before a model is released to market. His formal training is in auto mechanics. He has held jobs at mechanics and auto body shops before coming to Vermeer. In his free time he is part of a pit crew on a funny car and outlaw top dragster. He has been married to his wife Kim since 2000.

Matt has been married to his wife Lisa since 2000. They have two children Carter and Alexis. Carter drove the Pigasus roadster in the fall of 2020 at the Harvest Challenge in Blytheville for his first time and went 187 mph in the standing mile. Carter graduated from high school in the spring of 2022 and will study engineering in the fall. Alexis will be junior in the fall of 2022. She is into dance, cheer, band and tennis. Under the guidance of her father and older brother she maintains her own car.

Matt is an engineer by trade and also works at Vermeer Corporation as Project Engineer. He leads a team of Engineers in new product development of brush chippers. He also has a shop at home where builds and works on cars for friends and clients. When Matt is not racing he enjoys camping with his family, attending car shows in his 1972 Cheyenne with friends and family.

We have an incredible group of family and friends that help us crew and work on the car when we’re not at the track. Sponsors are Blueprint Engines, Trick Tools, Bead Form, Johnny's Fab shop, Arnold Motor supply, Goblin Garage, PRD Design, Real Tuners, Skippy’s Speed Shop and Vos’ Garage. We couldn’t do this without them and the support from our wives.

Blue Mule Racing can be followed on Facebook and Instagram @bluemuleracing. Matt and Brad also have Facebook and Instagram accounts and can be followed on IG @haulnrat and @roadsterskippy respectively.

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