1938 Dodge Superior Bus Body / Woodie RV

1938 Dodge Superior Bus Body / Woodie RV

Owner(s): Randy Roeber

City / State: Algona, IA


Builder: Owner

Engine Details: Drivetrain is a 2011 RAM 3500

Fuel Injection Setup: 6.7L Cummins with chip


Exhaust / mufflers: 5’ Turbo back exhaust

Transmission: Chrysler

Rear-end / ratio:

Front suspensions: RAM

Front Brakes:

Rear suspension:

Rear brakes:


Body modifications: Wood sides from Marine woods, Door moved back 3ft, grill stretched 20in.

Hood: New hood widened 20in., opens both directions, newer RAM ornament, Cowl vent for engine cold air, side curtain handles used as hood latches, side curtains reshaped

Paint type / color: 1970 Lincoln Blue

Gauges: Dash from donor 2011 RAM truck

Interior goodies: Captain’s chairs swivel, Queen bed, toilet/shower, refrigerator, oven, table, cabinets

Custom pieces: rear fenders rebuilt smaller, 8-electric windows, vent for refrigerator, taillights, front fenders relocated, Lincoln bumperettes on front

Awards: Gets a lot of love and appreciation. 2019 Mattel Hot Wheels contender at SEMA

Cool story: Driven 65k+ miles as of 2022, camped in frequently, “gets about 100 smiles to the gallon”