1977 Ford Maverick

1977 Ford Maverick

Owner(s): Josh W

City / State: Kokomo, IN



Engine Details: 1991 302 from a Foxbody Mustang

Fuel Injection/Carburetor: Carburetor


Exhaust / mufflers:

Transmission: C4

Rear-end / ratio:

Front suspension: Stock

Front Brakes: Disc

Rear suspension: Stock

Rear brakes:


Body modifications: Small bumper conversion

Hood: Grabber Hood

Paint type / color: Satin Black


Interior goodies: Stereo with touchscreen, Bluetooth phone, interior lighting

Custom pieces:


Cool story: I’m in the process of putting this build together right now. Paint is happening in the spring of 23’ and the whole car will be reassembled over the summer. It’s my second Maverick. I bought my first when I was 15 years old to finish as my every day driver. Unfortunately, it never came together, and I sold it, as most young men do so I could get a car I could drive. I’ve wanted another ever since. This one will be completed with the help of my 10 year-old son, which has made the project a whole lot more fun!