1970 Ford Maverick

1970 Ford Maverick

Owner(s): Chase Spencer

City / State: Monroe, Iowa

Club: Goodguys, ISRA

Builder: Chase Spencer(myself)

Engine details: 302 CI, 1996 Mercury Mountaineer block with 1988 F-150 heads

Carburetor: Holley 600cfm 4 barrel with Lokar throttle cable

Headers: Hooker Competition Headers 6901HKR

Exhaust / mufflers: Flowmaster FlowFX 71226

Transmission: Borg-Warner T5 (1997 Mustang) with MalWood USA hydraulic clutch setup

Rear-end / ratio: Ford 8.8 rear end / 3.0 rear gears

Front suspension: Stock 1970 Maverick

Front Brakes: 10in. drum from 1971 Maverick Grabber

Rear suspension: Stock air shocks and leaf springs

Rear brakes: 10in. drum from 1971 Maverick Grabber

Wheels: 2017 Mustang 17x7.5

Body modifications: Original gas tank swapped to 1966 Mustang 16 gallon tank

Hood: Stock 1971 Maverick Grabber

Paint type / color: Faded Ford, "Thanks Vermillion" with Rust-Oleum accents

Gauges: Equus

Interior goodies: Ignition on dash(only Mavericks made in 1969 have that)

Custom pieces: 3D printed window cranks with Maverick logo on them, and custom built center console


"Young Guys" award at 2021 Pella Bologna Nationals in Pella, IA

Top 25 at Old Settlers Car Show in Monroe, IA

Cool story: 

I was at the 2022 Ford Fest in Ottumwa, IA when a super nice guy approached me with a quick question. "Do you like your bench seat?" At this time I had the original black plaid bench seat that was ripped and very worn. So worn in fact, that you sink in 4 inches. I had always had the intention of putting in bucket seats I just hadn't found the right ones and for the right price. I told him I wasn't a huge fan of it and he went on to tell that he had old red high-back Maverick Grabber bucket seats that he had pulled out of the car back in the 80s and had intended to put them in a project car of his own. Naturally, I had the feeling they were going to be out of my price range if they were decent, but I had to ask, "how much do you want for them?" He told me that he just wanted to see them go to someone that could use them and that if I came up to get them, I could have them. Pretty cool!!! I went up the next day and got them and after some cleaning, shampooing, and scrubbing they looked brand new!!! Thank you so much (you know who you are) for helping a young hot rodder make his rod even cooler!!!

When I was planning out what I wanted this car to be I decided I wanted a manual transmission. I had never driven a car with a manual and when the time came to drive it I assumed that I would be able to drive it first try. How hard could it be right? The first time I drove it was not a great experience. I killed it multiple times, grinded some things, and tried to figure out the quirks of a new build. I kept thinking, "I spent how much to make this move under its own power and I can't even drive it?!" Then after a couple days of practice it clicked and it was one of the greatest feelings of achievement I have ever felt.