1966 Chrysler Town and Country

1966 Chrysler Town and Country

Owner(s): Jason

City / State: Okc, Oklahoma


Builder: Mopar herself

Engine Details: 400 big block Mopar motor

Fuel Injection/Carburetor: 650 Edelbrock 4 barrel

Headers: No

Exhaust / Mufflers: Some of it's there

Transmission: 727 auto

Rear-end / Ratio: 323 posi trac

Front Suspension: Original

Front Brakes: Drums

Rear Suspension: Factory

Rear Brakes: Drum

Wheels: 18in. Ford Mustang take off wheels

Body Modifications: Just stickers, luggage, and a dead body

Hood: Stock

Paint Type / Color: Blue Patina

Gauges: Original gauges

Interior Goodies: Power window, power seats, cruise control (auto pilot), telescoping tilt steering wheel, ac and rear facing third row seat

Custom Pieces: Chrome valve covers, Edelbrock intake

Awards: 3 top 20s, 2nd in ratrod, 1st in special interest, a specialty trophy Most Shocking and What would Lenny and Squiggy drive?

Cool Story: When I first bought this car my brother towed it home for me and sent me a video with his daughter 7 touching all the parts and telling him what they did. She got most of the answers wrong and about gave me a heart attack with every touch she made. Haha 

But once I knew it couldn't be easily damaged, I now welcome kids at the show to sit in the rear seat or turn the telescoping knob and move the steering wheel up ans down. It gives them a chance to get in a classic car and they are so in awe of all the features it has for being close to 60 years old. 

The wagon is called Cuzn Eddy because Griswold wouldn't drive it.we have aunt edna on top along with all of our luggage. It's been the funnest classic car I've ever owned.   It's been decorated after for parades and cruises. 

If you happen to see it in person, ask me for a tour, bring your kids and take some great pics of the family truckster!!!