1937 Ford Pickup

1937 Ford Pickup

Owner(s): Jim (Kayo) & Becky Hagen

City / State: Northwood, ND

Club(s): NDSRA

Builder: Myself

Engine Details: 4.3 V-6 1994 S10, HEI distributor

Fuel Injection/Carburetor: Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock AVS2, using Car Cheater self tuner

Headers: 1987 Caprice tube

Exhaust / Mufflers: Turbo muffler

Transmission: 200R4 upgraded and shift kit

Rear-end / Ratio: 8.8 narrowed Ford limited slip 3:73

Front Suspension: Mustang II with manual steering, front anti-sway bar

Front Brakes: TCI disc brakes

Rear Suspension: Parallel leaf with anti-sway bar

Rear Brakes: Disc brakes from Ford Explorer

Wheels: Keystone Klassic

Body Modifications: Homemade grille insert

Hood: Stock

Paint Type / Color: Flat Black epoxy primer

Gauges: New Vintage Electronic Gauges

Interior Goodies: Vintage A/C, Blue Tooth sound, 1940 Ford Steering Wheel

Custom Pieces:


Cool Story: 

  I have owned this pickup since 1976, sat in a barn torn apart for 40

years with a 283 Chevy V8 and a 2 speed Powerglide transmission.  Since

working on it I have lost 2 cylinders making it a V6 and gained 2 more

gears as it is now an overdrive transmission.

   I finally got a place to work on it and installed a Mustang II front

end and 8.8 Ford rear axle.  Cab went to a rod shop for a couple of

years and I have been trying to correct the work that was done to the

cab since getting it back home.

All the sheet metal is factory and it shows the signs of use and abuse

and rust from 30 years of service before I bought this pickup.  Some has

been corrected or touched up, but most show that it was a farm pickup. 

I plan to replace fenders and box sides in the future, for now it is as

I was hoping to do 55 years earlier, making it an old vehicle that I

could drive and enjoy.