Welcome! Chasing Cars is an evolving company that with support, can turn into an industry leader that grows the car community. By bringing cars and their information into the Chasing Cars database, we are able to tell the stories of these cars and their owners to the world. Tired of not knowing what a builder did to make their car so cool? Chasing Cars is here to help! Tired of filling out those information cards at every single car show you bring your ride to? Chasing Cars fixes that too! If you want to be a part of what Chasing Cars is doing let us know! We want to bring this company to as many car enthusiasts as we can!

How does it work?

Chasing Cars functions off the use of QR codes. When a vehicle registers with Chasing Cars, you are sent a specialized QR code that connects a profile to your specific vehicle. By simply placing your QR code somewhere on your vehicle you connect those passing by your car to its story. What ever information you want to attach to your profile is what that person will see. The more information and pictures the better! You worked hard on your car, why not show it off?

Set the scene… You are at a car show and a car catches your eye that you don’t recognize. You are familiar with certain parts of it, but something just looks different. You look at their registration in their window and someone neglected to fill it out and the owner is no where to be found. What do you do? Sit there and scratch your head? Wait around for who knows how long for the owner to return? Or just keep walking and hope you can sleep at night not knowing what that car was? 

Chasing Cars solves this problem! You walk up to that same car and scan its Chasing Cars QR code and discover everything you ever wanted to know and more! You determine it’s a 1971 Camaro body, with a 1969 Camaro front end, a Roadrunner hood, and an LS engine disguised as a Hemi! Now you can sleep peacefully! You can also look at the pictures of where the owner has been with it, awards its won, and any cool stories!

How much does it cost?

Adding your car to Chasing Cars does not cost anything at this time. After you send your information, QR Code Window Stickers  will be mailed to you. The zero cost to the user is meant to grow and bring it to more people!


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The Story

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