What Is Chasing Cars?

What Is Chasing Cars?

Chasing Cars uses QR Code Window Stickers to tell your ride's story! Using a small QR Code Window Sticker that sits in your windshield, spectators and car enthusiasts a like can see whatever information you post. Ranging from year/make/model, engine details, suspension, and cool stories to better tell your car's story.

The Process

The Idea

The idea for Chasing Cars came about while its founder, Chase Spencer was in an entrepreneurship class during his sophomore year in college. Tasked with finding a problem that could be fixed, Chase went to one of his favorite things: cars. He had attended a lot of car shows in his life and was only recently being able to really point out differences in cars and recognize specific years and models. On top of that he just got his first hot rod moving and wanted a special way to showcase it rather than the traditional Instagram and Facebook like everybody else. Chasing Cars was created to solve both of those problems. Provide a unique and informative way people can learn about cars they see and allow car owners a special opportunity to share their car’s story in a car-centered environment. The car community is getting bigger and more people from all different walks of life are getting in on it. What used to be a car show in small town America can now be shared worldwide! Chasing Cars is taking the cool cars and cool people of today into the future!

The Founder

Chase Spencer, a recent graduate of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa has always been around cars. On his last day of his summer job in 2019, he bought his first project car. He bought a non-running, needed lots of help and prayers 1970 Ford Maverick. After 2 years of wrenching and a lot of money later he drives it all the time and takes it to any show he can. It may not be the prettiest, but sure is a lot of fun! Chase is developing Chasing Cars as a project for now but hopes to turn it into a successful business that can connect the car community and all the cool people in it!